Spring Break Fashion Essentials For Your Young Girl

Spring Break Fashion Essentials For Your Young Girl

There are so many adorable and trendy spring break fashion essentials for your young girl this year. I have the best time shopping and dressing up my four-year old. I actually enjoy shopping for her more than myself. Jasmine is really into bright bold colors and she is head over heels in love with Hello Kitty as Im sure most girls her age are. Where we live its pretty warm already and Im sure when Jasmine is out of school the first part of April for spring break she will be in shorts and tanks tops.

fun and funky

classic girl

Some nights its nice to add a cute lightweight jacket to Jasmines outfit. I have a similar striped jacket for Jasmine that we take everywhere. Living here in southeastern Louisiana the weather can change in a second.  Spring break is only about a week-long in most cases but during this week most families take their vacations.  Depending on where you will be spending your time make sure to have some key items handy for your children. I always carry a bag with Jasmines lightweight jacket, sunglasses, hat, books, snacks and a few toys. Most often we stay home for spring break and dont vacation but we like to have adventures around town and its good to be ready.As Jasmine gets older its fun to see what she chooses to wear each day. Its fun seeing Jasmine develop her own style. Jasmine helped me choose and put together the above style boards.
What are your Spring Break must-haves for your young girl?


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