The Carrie All Carry All Your Medication In One Convenient Bag #noisegirls

The Carrie All Carry All Your Medication In One Convenient Bag #noisegirls

Usually when Im on a trip I toss all my personal care products into one bag. I do to try to put liquids into large gallon size Ziploc bags but more often than not Im left with a huge pile of bottles, tubes, and make-up, its always a big mess. Carry all of your medications in one convenient bag! Introducing TheCarrieAll, all medications are hidden from public view, plus medications stay where you put them.



I really like TheCarrieAll, its practical, easy to use and is great for so many different things. TheCarrieAll started as Carrie, the developer and owner watched her Mama try to deal with eighteen medications every day. Carries Mama kept her medications in a clear plastic travel kit. Carries Mama would look into the bag, searching for the right medications to take at various times through the day. Trips to the doctors offices were another ordeal. People could see what medications her Mama was carrying and that wasnt safe at all.


The Carrie All was intended for storing and carrying medication but it can also be made into a handy first aid kit. Send the kids off to summer camp with a CarrieAll or even for college.


The Details:

  • 1 W x 8 ¼ H x 3 ¾ D
  •  Holds 20 or more items
  • Comes with 6 month supply of tabs for new medications
  • Water resistant & durable
  • Lays flat when open
  • Two way zipper
  • Monogram options



Buy Now

Like what you see here? You can buy a CarrieAll or two here at for $19.99. Its available in brown or black. You can call about monogrammed options. Make sure you connect with TheCarrieAll on Facebook too.

Are you going to New York in August for BlogHer12? If so youre going to want TheCarrieAll. Youll have a chance to win this along with some other really fabulous products for fashionable, busy, savvy women on the go. Come back for the Noise Girls Seen In The City giveaway event.


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