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Each blog is responsible for hosting their own giveaway worth at least $25 or more. You can have multiple winners and packages just make sure each package is worth at least $25 or more. All giveaways MUST be baby related which really gives you a lot of choices when pitching various companies. The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to baby related goodies so have fun with this one!

Event graphics can be found here. There are three to choose from, grab them all if you want.

You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours of signing up with all the information you will need for your post, including mandatory information and linky code.

One you sign up please tweet out this tweet provided for you below.

Enter all the fabulous giveaways below.

1.  Mama Chocolate $500 US ONLY   26.  Ashley Suzanne $25+ US ONLY    
2.  Fabulous Finds by November Girlxoxo $35+ US ONLY   27.  Emily Reviews $59 US ONLY    
3.  Mama Baby Cupcakes $275 US ONLY   28.  A Restful Place $68 US ONLY    
4.  JaMonkey $133+ US ONLY   29.  Mommy Of Two Little Monkeys $50 US    
5.  Formula Mom $30 US ONLY   30.  Really, Are You Serious? $130 US ONLY    
6.  Just Add Cloth $35 US/CAN   31.  Coping with Frugality $210 US ONLY    
7.  Andersons Angels $86 US ONLY   32.  The Crafty Home $26 US ONLY    
8.  Real Mom Reviews $70 US/CAN   33.  Dani Sue Dreams $52 US ONLY    
9.  Parent Palace $140 US/CAN   34.  OurKidsMom: living & loving life with 4 kids $290 US ONLY    
10.  Simmworks Family Blog – $42 – US/CAN   35.  Eco-Babyz $230 US ONLY    
11.  Arizona Mama $123 US ONLY   36.  Robot Love $42 US/CAN    
12.  Being MVP $75 US/CAN   37.  GoingCrazy!!WannaGo??!! $25 US ONLY    
13.  Tales From the Nursery $50 US ONLY   38.  The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom $25 WW    
14.  Mama on a Green Mission $83 US/CAN   39.  Virtually Yours $40 US ONLY    
15.  Happenings of the Harper Household $40 US ONLY   40.  Bump to Baby Gear $35 US/CAN    
16.  The Reynolds Mom $53 WW   41.  Cuzinlogic $25 US ONLY    
17.  According to Jenny $124 US ONLY   42.  My Charmed Mom WW    
18.  Long Wait For Isabella $170 US/CAN   43.  Sweeping The USA $36 US ONLY    
19.  Mother Necessity $160 US ONLY   44.  Mama Bucks – $139 – US ONLY    
20.  Brittleby’s Corner $52 US/CAN   45.  Mommy’s Favorite Things $147 US ONLY    
21.  Adventures In Fluff $34 US/CAN   46.  Passport To Frugal $40 US ONLY    
22.  Journey of A Kangaroo Mama $59+ US ONLY   47.  Moms & Munchkins $75 US/CAN    
23.  So Easy Being Green $38 US ONLY   48.  Children Teaching Mama $35 US ONLY    
24.  Earth Faerie Momma $40 US/CAN   49.  Virtual School Resources $25 US ONLY    
25.  ShyBabies $85 US ONLY   50.  Leettle Baby $40+ US ONLY  

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